Saturday, February 13, 2010

Incidents that i had in camp

So as long as i stil have the memories about the camp, i will never stop talking about it:)

one evening when we got our phones, it was friday if im not mistaken. we were not allowed to used phones during weekdays so our phones will only be given back on friday if luck is on us that day:) even you have like not-so-fancy phone you brought to camp but it will become your most precious possesions you would have there. so the story continues with these scenes. nothing unusual that we all getting rushed up around 5pm to take bath and stuffs because we have to go down back in 5.15pm sharp. so the rushed moments was hyperventilating:) you wouldnt have the chance to even get yourself with serious bath, the only matter is that you have taken bath thats all. so when i was on my way to the toilet, without bothering anything else happening around me.the only sound that filled the air was the clicking sound of the phone keypad was musical,almost. i was planning to take bath. successfully i get another full and clean bathe that day because i was fast enough to get in.. it was hectic in the toilet.

as i put my things up on the flushers, well my other things.. my clothes and my phone.. i wasnt realize that my clothes were up on top of my phone so when i finish take a bath i pull my clothes down to put it on and my phone suddenly fell off from the flusher and plunged into the small basin i filled with water.. there goes my motorola L7, drowning.. haha.. i was shocked, speechless that i was to the point that i couldnt move myself, numbed and unable to do anything.. the worst part is that there was bubbles when it fell in the basin.. then by the minute i realize, i quickly take my phone out from the basin.. with goosebumps all around my body, i was in serious stunned.

i didnt tell my friend at first, so i just acted normal as if nothing really happens. im sucha fool:) and finally i told my friend,aizat. he was surprised i guess but he too couldnt do pretty much anything. so when we arrived in dewan makan, i asked my friend azmi to go call my dad in the public phone.i was so devastated, my lips turned from reddish colour to a bluish purple colour. completely clueless how to tell my dad the real story.

i told to myself,"lying fendi? i think that would be the only option now."

inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale.

someone's answering.

"effie? knp kau?" someone asked sounded like my dad.

"yeah, dad i have something.. a problem.. big one.. i need you to do me a favor.." i replied.

"what now effie? first the ticket, then eja's trip down there all the wayfrom johor, what now?" sounded angry, but worried from the tone, i can tell:)

"i dropped my phone in a small basin full of water. im sorry." tears whining down my face, feeling guilty.. at the same time,didnt even noticed that azmi was watching me with care and sympathy, tapping my shoulder and said,"sabarr sabaarr"

"oh god, how could that happen? alamak, ahmmmm..well let me see.. its ok its ok..we'll get u a new one ok. are you crying?" my dad said.

"yeah, im sorry dad. didnt mean to" i whooshed down.

"(telling him the truth)" i talked to him.

"its ok effie, dad will get you a new one ok. be patient. call us back later ok, dont worry" my dad refuse to be angry though i knew he is in much rage.

(hung up)

"thanks azmi,sorry klo aku nyusahkan ko. thanks" i said to azmi.

"takpe la, dah dah.saba je..mungkin ade hikmah di sebaliknye ok.. dah,jom mkn"azmi replied.

"takpe ah,aku pg tandas kejap"

there i goes, another moments of regret in the toilet. spent almost 15 minutes there, crying or something close to it..then i went to surau with despair.

back in dorm later that same evening, all my friends were trying to help me to get my phone fixed and thank god some of these great ppl learned engineering at sch so they knew all this technical stuffs. im glad. happy almost:) they took all part of my phone, without any doubt. i let them do their job while im helping them at that time. after few days, it was Sunday i guess, my phone finally worked up after its been dried. not as brand new as before though but fair enough. thanks to everyone that fixed my phone. i got the chance to called my parents. they bought me a new phone when i came back here, wee! thanks ok guys:)

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