Monday, February 15, 2010

okay this is my other valentine's :)

the best thing you could ever have in your life is when you knew that there is someone out there is still loving you and care about you just the way you should be commit to memory. i am known to people of how i am all crazy about my friends and to be honest, there is nothing else i could ever say when it comes about them. love is no longer a word. a huge gratitude wont repay their good deeds. you were treated like a human being by them. you were heed by them like you're their little baby. most unimaginable thing is that they actually have linked a magical relationship with you without even discerning it. but for now, me and these miraculous populace are alienated by distance and detachment. as if like destiny were playing games on me now. yet enjoy my pure praises i would reward to them.

Banz. yes, this is thee guy that couldn't stop making me laugh. yes i know, this is already weird and peculiar from the top but this is the only way to immortalize them in my mind. with his exasperating and aggravating manner, nobody could stands to not blew their tummy off when he tell the shaggy dog story. the way he ate, he talked, he walked, he "shuffled" out in the public, the way he laughed, the only way you could escape from blowing you chortle off is ran away from him. the worst part about him is probably he is the most memorable ones back in camp. its hard enough to forget good people that you knew in a short period, how else can you forget someone that you love that you only knew in a short period.

Aizat. yeap i found one of my look-alike faces out of seven in this world. the search is still on. i know this is such a chestnut to talk about your friends in a repulsive way but i couldn't help it:) he too actually gave me the smile that i never had before. the smile that i had an ear-to-ear wide. candidly i would say that he is the only person that i could trust to there, not a good way to give people an impression about the camp but yes, that is just the legitimacy. thanks for everything bro:)
Acad. my other good friend. i gesture him for so many reasons. first, to make a comparison he taught me so many things about islam. things that i never knew before is now had become part of my habitual everyday. thanks to him.
from left: banz, abg isz, acad, aizat

from left: acad, aizat, banz, hong
thanks for everything guys, appreciate it

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