Saturday, February 13, 2010

So where were we?

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
so i guess that blogging really is my thing. i haven't write anything about my stance ever since i was back from camp.

Feb, 5th 2010 was the saddest day for me. it was horrible to say that im actually excluded from the national service. i was chosen to be in the setia ikhlas plkn camp, semenyih, selangor. yes, it is too fast and too soon to leave that place. when i got myself for the first few days back there,i was thinking that im actually torturing and tormenting myself with the routine's they have in the camp.

i couldnt take it at first. i was suffocating for a moment of rest for 5 minutes, top. a good rest was just what i need there since the activities were too much and too hardcore.

that wasnt the worst part.

the worst part is yet coming.

up until i was essentially unify and intermingle with the stuffs happening in camp, that all those heavy training aint a problems anymore. busy with obligations of my own in camp,i unfortunately feel myself like im at home:) my first home back in sabah had just become my second home, and what supposed to be my second home just became the first.

everyday i woke up with glee's, happy to be alive because i could not believe myself that i actually could go through the rough days with ease. why? probably because of my friends. my beautiful friends in fact. one thing that i was amazed with this accessible and sociable programme is they brought everyone together. like literally. as you people know im not so much of someone that could go to your place and make impractical jokes. im more like the "silence" one. i would rather be with someone that i knew rather than try to be at everyone's business. but there, in camp! i dont know? i just felt like i became the real me.

my friends were so supportive that sadly i cant remember a thing about what i have in sabah, my family that is. painful to say that all those nice and implausible individuals are going to be missed from me. im back here, what else i can say. im gone from the camp for good.

again i wana talk about my friends there. .

everytime i remember them in my thoughts, tears would definitely purring down. like one of my friends, keenan said, "dont cry! be a man woman!" haha. will never forget all those moments. maybe in about some periods i would eventually forget them. slowly get rid out from my mind. but that time is not here yet. i still memorize every single thing in camp.

the dorm :)

the unbelievably undesirable toilet :)

the foods :)

the water-cooler :)

the delta's table :)

the trays :)

the people :)

the laughter :)

the joy :)

the "giant" (the only place i could shop there) :)

the surau :)

the anis :)


im happy to say that no matter what happen, all those engaging memories will always be in my mind.

maybe some of you read this post and said that im a little over dramatic about the national service and stuffs. but dont be like me everyone, iv been there. to that state of affairs where iv judged the book by its cover. i thought this national service thing was wasting my time. my precious time. yet actually, it filled my instance with sooo many new experiences.

to top that of, i met a girl. her name's anis. we've been doing great. i missed the moments we would actually sneaked around from all the teachers to just meet up. in camp we have sort of a separation between wira's and wirawati's. so quietly we tiptoed around and assemble. so cliche, so like other love stories. she caught my eyes. iv fallen at first sight :) frankly, i could probably describe her with 10 miles long of page.. she got whatever i want in my dream girl. i finally found you.

okay, lets talk about camp. again:)

i didnt met just a girl. i also met thee most lovable and hug-able people in my life. my friends that is. they enlighten my day. if i have the memory of my laptop that i could remember all their name, i will definitely list them but sorry i couldnt remember all of you:( you guys were too many like a group of militarist armies. if only i have the wealth of gill bates and the influential power of trump and the authority of obama, i will give you guys each a big hug and a porsche 911 turbo and visit you guys for the last time.

so to enclosure this post, the very first post that is. im back everyone! im starting to write again:) and to everyone back in camp, i missed you guys. i really do. nothing in the world could describe my feelings of grateful that i have met you guys. im serious to say that all the month and more of period felt like only a day. i have learned something. learned a pretty much what we called a lesson.

again, i missed you people in camp setia ikhlas *blow kisses* and i love you guys. thanks for everything :)

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