Saturday, February 13, 2010

a little memories that i couldnt get out from my mind

forlornly to say that the last day i was there was the performance day for the closure for kenegaraan modul. iv missed the keenan show where he sang his song that he made it by himself. will missed the moments guys:) i love you all

from left: panjang, fahmi, acad, aizat aslam
okay,i want you to meet my banz. he eats a lot and he sulks like a lil bitch:) but he's the man! haha
anis in full loreng
from left: rafique, jerry, findi, muk, ayep, suhardi(bottom). sabah ba!
ok that wasnt the real image you wana see in our dorm, we are thee best dorm there okay. from left: muk, fahmi, amin, faiz
okay this is aizat with dslr camera :)
my baby girl with ketue ajt, kak nesya
delta rovers! thee magifico flying folks. i will missed this part of the camp
the cute little damira with junkies. behind that as u can see is the best shopping mall, the "giant" :D
my bro keenan with adi setan
from left to right: os, din, INBA (DEYHH!), banz, eamy. bottom from left: sabok, adi, ejoy
oh god! this was the day they were on duties
the day i was leaving, like 5 minutes after i left they had this performance together. i was gone by this time
while they were on duties
chicken dance much? keenan with the strap on the shoulder
from left: keenan, me, skinchan

okay like the most trustworthy people i could ever met, from left: aizat, me, banz
keenan with his guitar, thats his girlfriend btw
oh banz!

from left: kak eim, george, ong, keenan

near to the tempat sidai kain. fahmi & OC nabil
i can still see my bag on the table, i was missing. btw this is the delta's territories

my sister, eja when she visited me during family-day on sunday. thanks eja!

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