Thursday, July 29, 2010

two parts of my where abouts

first part was with syafiqah and her friend, bella. not to mentioned pang as well! we went to klcc. it was fun!


okay so i decided to go and have a taste on these delectable cupcakes shop,i forgot the name of the shop, my taste bud couldnt stand with it anymore so i went there and just bought one of it. totally worth $5 each man! want more!

thanks syaf for the treat in san fransisco

so syaf discovered a bokeh lens in canon shop near by, it was 50mm f/1.8 lens. look the way it turns out! nice!

packed with armies of the public! it got jammed

second part was with syafiq alone! we went to midvalley and watched predators!

the day couldnt get any better than this when we found out there's a chinese guy stucked in a show glass! i thought he was trying to ask for help from people but turns out he was promoting something. the bed i think? actually HE was the advertisement so jyeah. hillarious!
so if would ask me how was the movie? let me explain using this photo. enough explaination?

and my cravings towards the want to try new place to eat seems to be endless. so i decided to eat one of this restaurant called, The Spagethi Farm.

introducing the world's worst spagethi bolognese! it was with black paper sauce! yuck

well at least the drink is drink-able though!


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