Sunday, July 11, 2010

last words

dayang, here are my few last words for you. thanks for being such an amazing crazy floppy ears for me. thanks for lending me some of your words of acumen to pertain them in my ever so fastidious life. thanks for all those inevitable moments we had together as if like we've known each other for years. thanks for making all those moments became such an impact to me as if like celebrating someone's birthday everyday, not even a single second turned wasted into unexploited reminiscences but instead cherished the moments with haunting and extrodinary contented time together with others. thanks for being such an amazing supporter, literally or figuratively. i missed you with all the laughter we had together. i missed the arguments we had over a paddy matter. those random adventurous minutes are revoltingly and achingly hard to forget especially you make it more contented. the advices, the talks, the reviews, the secrets are by a hair's breadth abscond a beautiful brunt on me, listening to your voice were like a singing sensation to me. as bad as it sounded, i wont hesitate to say that your presence is a must but now taking back in reality, we cant choose, we must accept. dealing with another seperation gives me knotty and difficulties facing on my oh dear life. your absence is like an awkwardness in my surrounding as if having light trails passed by but the lights are unbearable to see that you can only see a cold blurry images. which gives me back to my sense to be who you are, no matter how people would treated you because due to your over flowing love to me and others. but what's done is no longer reversible. your laughter will always be the sweetest memories. thanks for everything. sorry for anything. i missed you.
xo, fendi

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