Thursday, July 15, 2010

phases de la lune

So as I promised to give more updates during the whole time of my absentees, I was actually been inattentively preoccupied with paper works and assignments that needed to be done. From tutorials to presentation to drawing to other infuriating works, blergh I could be so dead of overtiredness. One of the worst case Im dealing now is that I have 3 residual abundant trigonometry tutorial works that put me in an immovable jammed that I cant go on due to my lack of explicable understanding in that course. I wouldn't blame myself for it but I would blame the new lecturer that "fortunately" find an exciting comfortable way of talking to himself throughout his lectures.

As I were saying, my scarcity of period makes me having no time to update my blog. Eventhough, the urge I had to fling my oblinging dancing little fingers to click all those tuneful musical and harmoniously mellow of my keyboard sound is indeed elevated but again, the busy-ness once again won over my spare of time. So these are some pictures of me and my friends went exploring the more narrow edges of kuala lumpur during weekends.

So, Im glad Syafiq called me a big eater but.. is just that I sometimes couldn't finished my foods so whats the point. I've run through so many places, tasted so many palatable foods, been to shops to drop and more! And photoshoped pictures are now ready to be serve! Enjoy!
bukit bintang

our college

dayang / mei / mel

bistro delafrance's dessert can put me to sleep as I wandrously floating up in the air of a heavenly paradising tasty food


sunway pyramid


enjoying the wind much boy? mhm
me / yan / jay / dayang / jacky
me / jay / dayang / jacky / yan

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