Friday, July 16, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru Dayang & Halim

So I apologise for the extreme belatedly overdue updates I've made. I have been exceptionally eventful and hectic throughout the time I wasn't updating my blog.
So, lets cut the chase and jump off to the point, I think it was last two weeks when I took an exclusion from lectures and tutorial classes since I have to fly back Sabah to attend my sister's wedding day. The day was just laborious, arduous, as exhausting as it may sound like. No joke, I only took 2 days off from classes and make it three counting sunday when I was there. The time passed right before my eyes, I couldn't feel, I couldn't enjoy much with my families. They were busy orginizing and schedulizing their minutes to make sure everything went perfectly well. And it went well as expected.
So, as you might expect, once again I've been "hired" by the (now) little miss bride to take her photographs during her day. It went even better when hesley was around to check me out with all the techniques and the bokeh and the aperture and shutter speed and whatsoever. My new found obsession in photography grows as im learning even more stuffs and ways to take beautiful shots. Altough, I would just say that these creations still not up to professional but atleast I can take memorable pictures for my beloved ones. Hope you guys enjoy browsing all the photos I've taken as I do too! Will post more updates soon after the wifi stops killing my precious time here. xo, fendi

wedding cake. yummy!
kak chut. linda. shaz
eja. linda. fahmi. aunty gipoh. diwi. abg halim

the arrivals

my personal favorite

me and kee

he photographers (official one hmm)

Wish you both the best in your melodiously beautiful life. I love you so much!

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