Sunday, July 25, 2010

Omage to Frank O'Hara

so the first day of semester break kicks in,visibly and perceptibly me and my friends were still in the hung over condition from the intensed pressure of the study here and so we were off from any plans. still in the state of a white sheet cloth,dirt-less that waiting for impurities to pass by and leave it marks and similarly like plans supposed to be organized for this break. but nevermind, there must be something we've thought of doing this whole week.

it was saturday night and the members were cut off to more than half as others went back either flew to sabah or staying somewhere their acquaintences places. ouh this has just started to become boring and tedious. its not fun anymore. but on the other hand, SYAFI-EE-Q and PANG is still here, so i guess that should be okay!

we went to bangsar, by ourselves, all the way to oldtown since my little boy,syafiq's hankering to eat there ever since the last time we were there. and we did! ouh us three big spoilt kids were so liking the place. i mean, we were indulging ourselves with all of these good stuffs. the best part of the place or its more like a mall actually, it has art galleries in it! but since it was in the night, everything was closed except stores outside from the building. after dinner, i decided to bought some cakes from Secret Recipe restaurant nearby, i wrapped two cakes, Carrot slice and Cheez Choc! my ultimate favorite! next, we're off to 7E's beside SR to grab some slurpee's but sadly, the machine was a bust and no slurpee for the night. after that, headed off back to college. arrived in LRT U, i decided to just take a bus to go back since the rain started to pours and my level of exhaustion jumped high! haha.

got back to college and straight away went to my room, watching Shane Dawson! hillarious as fuck, he blew my tummy off once again. cant stop laughing. imagine how exceptionally tired i was but i still manage to laughed myself off with his videos, he's amazing! thanks Shane Dawson!

and the clock showed 1am in the morning, then everyone shoved their feet onto their flip flops headed back to their rooms. then off to sleep! adios!

i missed you linda! reminds me of my sister that always brought me to oldtown to grab some food. syafiq ordered these.

pang ordered these and the taste was, mixed up?

okay, pang seems to be in a rage? grr
sr, waiting, fuck
look at the waterfall! i thought we could walk under the waterfall but clearly we couldnt, so just devour our eyes with its fucked up scenery. nice!


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