Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's not to be love?

It takes a while for me to seriously consider this public humiliation I'm about to show you, my desire of doing lomography had never been more than this, considering this is my...second film of trying. It's supposedly give me a descent,experimenting 36 shots in that roll that I've imported from Hong Kong but as you see, only 9 appears to be developed fine. It's good enough to consider as pictures compared to the ones that don't worked out and never even existed at all. Me and exposed-photo-shots are like arch enemies between the vampire coven and the werewolves clan in Twilight saga, they sorta don't work out in one way but always find themselves a way of failing with each others benefits.

I need to learn more and more. And for me, the third time's a charm right? I bought two films, this and another one that I'm about to use. I will consider to make a useful benefit out of a handle-with-care advice this time. NO MORE UNDERLIGHT PHOTO SNAPS AND ONLY SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE so that I wont waste another precious film in trial. Wish me luck!

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