Thursday, August 25, 2011


one,two, ... *snapped* three. after the show, happy nonetheless exhausted
my first attend of a theater show titled "Short Eyes"
Zahiril Adzim (If you don't know him, google him)

As I am trying to catch a sleep, I ran across these pictures in one of my random picture folders, it instantly splashed me an absolute fresh memory on that happy night we (Me Ac Amal Oney) all had that day. Amal brought us by her car to the Actor's Studio in Pavilion KL building, if I'm not mistaken and the building on the roof-top was breath-taking that I need minutes to indulge the sceneric moment (as usual of my in-awe moment). And then, she droved us all the way to Danau Kota to go for a late night look-around in Uptown markets. It was a blast :)

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