Saturday, August 27, 2011

Everytime I sweats,it feels like a drop of ocean waves coming down on my face

Look what a dawn artificial light shadows from outside of my house could offer you. A magical,impossible image

Knowing that Bon Iver and St. Iver's song instrumenting through my ear tubes, legs spread out like a pregnant woman in labor, and everytime I sweats, it feels like a drop of ocean waves running down my face, I just knew that this dreamy graceful imagery I'm having is just earthly, terrestrial moving thing I could only have in vague and uncertain time in my life. Wish it wouldn't stop, I wish it could have an unforeseeable long journey that can out-stretched this ever growing imagination, only rapidly emergent more, refuse to when it would stop. I just wished that sometimes...the good times would never end, the happily-ever-after day couldn't see an unsettling departure, but life happens.

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