Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't need to sing me a song cause if you're happy in your head...

Ac and Hana in our studio :D

Oh god, I don't know how to express my feelings now. I am just too happy to even write about how I feel at this moment.Let me take a moment. Okay. Because, finally mid-sem break's here. And I'm going back to Sabah, as in my home! Oh yes, that blissfulness and glee circulating my head is as if it's surreal. As if like i can see those tiny little happy debris playing around my eyes and I'm enjoying seeing it now. I'm getting tied up with university works and assignments, those mundane and lame activities I've participated are sickening my head. So, now, one week. No stress. No nothing. Just me, my family and most importantly my room and my bed. AND OH YES, BE JEALOUS BITCHES! NOT TO MENTION HOME-COOK FOOD TOO!!! And I want to meet Faw, oh I miss you!

As you know, I've changed my blog url. It's a backward spelling of FFFFENDI so mind you of it's complication to get in my blog okay. And I changed it due to some privacy reasons. Adios.

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