Saturday, November 26, 2011


Title: Self-Portrait I : Self Reflection
Medium: Pencil on paper
Price: NFS
Size: A3
Title: Self-Portrait II : It Grows in Me
Medium: Pen on paper
Price: NFS
Size: A3
Title: Self-Portrait III : Morpho Didius (A Butterfly Species)
Medium: Mized Media
Price: NFS
Size: A3
Title: Self-Portrait IV : Anomaly in Another Anomaly
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: NFS
Size: A4
Title: Self-Portrait V : Self Reflection II
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: NFS
Size: A5

Hi guys, been a long time right. I have been caught up with so many shits and things that need to be done, so it was quite impossible to find time to sit and write my blog. I didn't realized that I'm actually towards the end of the first semester here. And time pass by pretty fast. Everything happens in nanoseconds.

Anyway, just so you know that I have been trying to make an appeal to get into Architecture. And I managed to make an appeal so hopes now everything will not end up all messed up. I already got two recommendation letters from my art lecturer and Pengarah Balai Seni Lukis, Pn Jennifer Linggi. Gosh, I dont know how repay their good deeds especially Mrs Jenn.

Oh and those artworks of mine, I did it for Young Talent Exhibition thats happening on January in Sabah Art Gallery I think. I took quite some times to finished all of it but overall I'm happy with how it turns out as a collection. I decided to do self-portraits of myself as a kick-start to my first art exhibition in my life. Although, I probably couldn't be there during the opening ceremony but I think I still can see the exhibition during my holiday on January. Hope so. I'm homesick. x

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