Sunday, March 28, 2010

distracting utterance

just like what people said, once you've killed the cow, you gotta make a burger

Friday, March 26, 2010

smells like turpentine, taste like dishwater

Thursday, March 25, 2010

its your birthday!


happy sweet eighteenth my dawg! you have the hugest gratitude and luck from me and your loved ones, syahirah and fatheen. always be in our hearts. love. x

(missing:fatheen,hockey outing)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

here you go nini

sorry nini, my design's suck so bad


went out & abouts with her. vigilant driver indeed. fun! x

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prepared to be awestrucked

I didn't see this was coming but what I'm sure now is the most anticipated and prone movie, The Lovely Bones directed by Peter Jackson will not thwart you peeps. I have already read the book and it was moving and compelling with its luminous constructed storyboard. This was a story about a teenage girl that has been raped and slaughtered by a man or more to a perfect stranger guy that were an impostor and a charlatan neighbor to her family. The meager and pitiable little girl, Susie Salmon attempted to get in touch with her family through a place called In-between. Tormenting herself with the unsurpassed and incomparable agony, the only thing she could do is watching the slaughterer running off from the truth from her family. Look how love story, unforgettable incidents and heart-pumping actions happened in this movie. Every scenes in this movie connected so achingly exploratory and audacious. But be sure to yourself, expect the unexpected from this movie because it might moved your seats around. Enjoy.

Rate: 10/10 rating
Book: By Alice Sebold
Directed: By Peter Jackson

Monday, March 22, 2010


wonder how her closet really looked like.seesh

you are my earth

So this is another random blunt post, I have something in my mind but I couldn't quite catch that up. I feel something tingling in me but for the first time I cant express it through typed words. It was probably stuffs that Ive been thinking for all this moment but it was probably not.

I think, Im doing the right thing with the right ways. But maybe it's too right on the track, that it somewhat looked so wrong. From this moments, I've been analyzing my life thoroughly. I cannot be greedy in my life. I cannot show no gratitude to my life especially on how its been treating me well lately.

I can pretty much clearly would say that my life now has one person that could ever woke me up from my heavy sleep early in dawn. Only one person that could ever asked me to eat more whenever that I am full. Only one person that could ever stopped the ticking sound of the clock whenever she cried. Only one person that could pull me off from my immorality side of myself. Most importantly, only one person cares that much about how's my family been doing everyday.

I could say I am the luckiest man on earth to ever have her in my ever so fastidious life. It's like she was the ocean and I'm the land and we're both collide to befall a perfect world. It's almost like she was the integration and I was the differentiation, and how faultlessly allied we were connected to each other. Albeit, I cant actually made up my mind too fast because we were too soon too good to be true. But she is special to me. Special like a delicate fragile red rose that needed a chary indulge to be taken care of. I love her from the bottom of my empathy. I couldn't envision any other girl that can be that amusing.

She makes my day, she talked when I'm silent. She told me how outlandish her dream was to ever saw me in a superman suit. It's uproarious. She try so hard to never wound me in anyway. It's so improbable to know how eccentric it is that we had a beautiful relationship even through the talking voices on the phone.

I felt repentant to her because in somewhat crate I wasn't endeavor that much to her. I still couldn't show how really I am into her. It is almost like you were one inch to blow off your mind because you were so enraged that you can't see her face everyday. She defined a true definition of a woman. I love her like I never love on a person before. I am thanking her by giving me the answer of true love in anyway. I love you baby. Will never lose you. x

Little Quotations

Ni De Xie Wo De Xin Cong Ni Shi Wo De Wei Gi De Ren Anis

(you are the only one in my heart anis)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

her most memorable photographs

azrina & shafuan.
may always be blessed and happy forevermore

so camera phone really does suck

Sometimes I feel like my journey of life is just another purpose of why I shouldn't be continue surviving, everything sometimes just started with failure and stoppage. I'm dealing with everything in my life now like literally, some things remained unchanged but most things are new-fangled to me.

After the spm result come up, I'm broke down to so many subdivided situation. At first I made up to my mine on what will I seize in university/college/etc. But now I'm down to zero, my future became blurry. Again. At first my choice was taking architecture course but my parents support me to take accounting course, yet my sister gave me so many ideas and opinion. I'm confused.

Let see, I love maths. In fact, that's the only matter that makes me twitchy and all, so I guess accounting would be full of em. At another plane, my heart says that architecture is so thrilling and that catches my eyes. I'm full of curiosity. Well, architecture it is I guess.

Yet most probably one of my wished was to continue in peninsular, selangor, kl, doesnt matter, as long as im near to my baby. Anis, I promise to you that you're not going to be the reason why I studied in semenanjung even if I did. (i'll try). She ever told me that.."if you want to continues you study, dont ever make me as the reason you prolong. It's your future. Don't expect too much from me. I don't want to make you sad, I don't want to disappoint you."..

It's so bizarre how obsessed I am to her. When I took some moments to myself while coffee on my side and clouds-view on top of my head, spying on what will the sun does everyday, so completely ridiculous, I have thought about why am I so assessment about our relationship. Maybe this was the real love that Romeo&Juliet had on their own, but still I wasn't feeling fully hundred percent. She makes me happy. She makes me laughed like I never laughed before. I was laughing squeakily when we were on the phone. That is an indication of a good relationship, right? yes I hope so.

Such an entirety of frustration to me is that i get a fucking a- for my english and malay language in my spm result, I cried but no one else knew about that. To really put fuels on fire is that when I told my teacher about how I did in my result. She was devastated that all her subjects didn't came up to her expectations. I felt sorry for her but that was my best shot. But on the bright side? I only get A's and B's which was an inclusive idiotic.

After this I have plenty more things to be done, scholarships, reconsidering about getting a half-time job, classes, applications, offers, and etc. Well at least I have something to work on with my day offs. For now,adios.

Friday, March 19, 2010