Monday, March 22, 2010

you are my earth

So this is another random blunt post, I have something in my mind but I couldn't quite catch that up. I feel something tingling in me but for the first time I cant express it through typed words. It was probably stuffs that Ive been thinking for all this moment but it was probably not.

I think, Im doing the right thing with the right ways. But maybe it's too right on the track, that it somewhat looked so wrong. From this moments, I've been analyzing my life thoroughly. I cannot be greedy in my life. I cannot show no gratitude to my life especially on how its been treating me well lately.

I can pretty much clearly would say that my life now has one person that could ever woke me up from my heavy sleep early in dawn. Only one person that could ever asked me to eat more whenever that I am full. Only one person that could ever stopped the ticking sound of the clock whenever she cried. Only one person that could pull me off from my immorality side of myself. Most importantly, only one person cares that much about how's my family been doing everyday.

I could say I am the luckiest man on earth to ever have her in my ever so fastidious life. It's like she was the ocean and I'm the land and we're both collide to befall a perfect world. It's almost like she was the integration and I was the differentiation, and how faultlessly allied we were connected to each other. Albeit, I cant actually made up my mind too fast because we were too soon too good to be true. But she is special to me. Special like a delicate fragile red rose that needed a chary indulge to be taken care of. I love her from the bottom of my empathy. I couldn't envision any other girl that can be that amusing.

She makes my day, she talked when I'm silent. She told me how outlandish her dream was to ever saw me in a superman suit. It's uproarious. She try so hard to never wound me in anyway. It's so improbable to know how eccentric it is that we had a beautiful relationship even through the talking voices on the phone.

I felt repentant to her because in somewhat crate I wasn't endeavor that much to her. I still couldn't show how really I am into her. It is almost like you were one inch to blow off your mind because you were so enraged that you can't see her face everyday. She defined a true definition of a woman. I love her like I never love on a person before. I am thanking her by giving me the answer of true love in anyway. I love you baby. Will never lose you. x

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