Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prepared to be awestrucked

I didn't see this was coming but what I'm sure now is the most anticipated and prone movie, The Lovely Bones directed by Peter Jackson will not thwart you peeps. I have already read the book and it was moving and compelling with its luminous constructed storyboard. This was a story about a teenage girl that has been raped and slaughtered by a man or more to a perfect stranger guy that were an impostor and a charlatan neighbor to her family. The meager and pitiable little girl, Susie Salmon attempted to get in touch with her family through a place called In-between. Tormenting herself with the unsurpassed and incomparable agony, the only thing she could do is watching the slaughterer running off from the truth from her family. Look how love story, unforgettable incidents and heart-pumping actions happened in this movie. Every scenes in this movie connected so achingly exploratory and audacious. But be sure to yourself, expect the unexpected from this movie because it might moved your seats around. Enjoy.

Rate: 10/10 rating
Book: By Alice Sebold
Directed: By Peter Jackson

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  1. This movie was good but too much nonsense about heaven, they should minimize that shots and maybe the movie could be perfect. I was enjoying the movie but then I get bored now and then throughout the movie.