Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eliza Hayati x Farhi Fahmi

Hi guys, I haven't been posting pictures these days haven't I? I really don't know whether I have the time to take any since the time that I had in university is so limited. Plus, bringing along my dslr back and forth from one place to another is so tiring. Sadly, that baby of mine's only functioning for my assignments. Take pictures for my works and shit. Gah I feel bad. For not taking pictures, as in for me, cause I want to go out and take pics like I used to before. And I haven't even go and develop my Praktika films, I just don't have the money for it to do it :( Sad.

On the other hand, during my last holiday back in Sabah, my youngest sister got engaged. So wonderful you know :) And of course I became the un-official and official photographer as I always have been and here are some of my favorite shots that day. Congratulations sis! x

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