Saturday, August 28, 2010

belle de jour

aw i dont know when was the last time i have updated my blog. i dont remember posting my recent updates lately. i feel bad and sad all at once cause i've pretty much abondened my blog for quite some times. i have been so superbly busy and hectic with all my school stuffs. assignments and everything else. god only knows.

my midterm exam was over. i've been doubled up my busy busy time right after the exams, especially when the papers had tried to kill me tenderly with its questions. i am almost merely giving up in college life, that now i started to involuntarily bring myself up to date with my studies. gosh, i really did left my studies behind. seriously. albeit, not much to worry about since i think im going on the right track. i think. well, at least i think i would someday soon.

anyways, these are some shots i've captured when i went out with oney and ac. was a total blast and my stomach literally burned down and fell out from it socket due to its level of derisory pleasure-thrilling day. thanks guys!

will try to catch up where i left okay! soon!

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