Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One of the college drama team cast during Minggu Haluansiswa 2011/2012 (Orientation Week)

Hi, life's been such a fuss lately. I haven't been blogging since Raya season about a month ago, that's sure a long time to count right. Not that I don't want to squeeze in any free time to blog but I just don't have any. So far, the new college I'm staying is considerably okay, I don't want to complain. I have two roomates now, they're also okay, I don't want to complain. Nothing much to write about.

And my new course, Urban and Regional Planning is also okay. Still have to go through some hardcore designing process so I'm not entirely in an utter boredom learning that course so far.

I want to get out and take pictures. I'm just too stressed out with everything right now. I'm too busy with my college activities, my studio assignments just can never learn how to stop torturing me. Being a Degree student isn't that easy compared to be a pre-Uni student. You need to be active in all sorts of association in order to keep yourself active and be able to stay in the same college for the next semester. And my study haven't started that much yet, which sucks alot. Cause I want to study, for now, as long as this motivation to do so still kicks in but when I start to run out my motivation juice, I'm doomed.